söndag, november 06, 2005

Ivor Cutler

If your breasts are too big, you will fall over
Unless you wear a rucksack.




Blogger eff said...


Men vilken fascinerande man. Läste biografin och en intervju med honom i The Guardian.

"The intellect is the thing you get from your teachers, and - what are those big places that people go to for education?" Universities? "That's it. But the intellect doesn't come from the person. It comes from people telling you how to do things. As a teacher in Paisley I had to teach drawing. So I said: 'OK kids, here is a wee bit of paper and a crayon, draw an animal.' One boy drew an ass that didn't have four legs, but 14. I asked him why and he said: 'It looked better that way.' I wanted to lift him out of his cage and put my arms around him, but my intellect told me not to which was lucky, because I probably would have been sent to prison."

6/11/05 19:44  
Blogger Svala said...

han har en rätt skön röst också, om det nu är han som läser upp de små textstyckena. tih :)

7/11/05 14:23  

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