tisdag, augusti 14, 2007

Jag behöver glass i stora lass

Jag har 38 graders feber.
Snart blir jag yr.


Anonymous Stefan Petschinka said...

Hey do Svala!

Gesundheit! Gute Besserung!

I still visit your site from time to time.
I like your photos...

Stay tuned,
Stefan from www.pianosolo.com (www.dimenium.de is new now, too)

15/8/07 11:17  
Blogger Svala said...

Takk Stefan! Vielen Dank! That is awesome!

15/8/07 13:42  
Anonymous Stefan Petschinka said...

...and again...

healthy blessing from here.
I am practising piano for a weekend gig.
and just "now" I play a "feber adé" song ;-)

So, have nice day...


15/8/07 16:03  
Blogger Svala said...

That´s very sweet of you. Cheers me up a bit! Wish I could play like that.

Good luck with your gig and have a nice day in Germany.

By the way, do you understand anything of what I am writing? My blog is written in swedish. Or do you just look at the photos?

15/8/07 16:31  
Anonymous Stefan Petschinka said...

Oh je!

I understand more nothing than a little bit. But I like jordgrubbe, blâbär and your photos. Just one minute ago, I tried to let the web translate from swedish to german.... hm... not so easy to understand, well... what does it mean.... ;-) ah! A strawberry in the moonlight, no,,,,, äh?!?! Ah now: A strawberry with feaver, beeing in the sun with 38 degrees? hm oh no, so.... wait... again... Now I got it: The famous "mossa" "jordgrubbe" went "shoppa" in a distant lake... - - - - So I think, I better stop, cause I am getting "soppa shoppa allihoppa"...

So stay tuned,
Greetings from here to there...

15/8/07 23:28  
Blogger Svala said...

You could come up with a very creative poem there! :)

17/8/07 00:04  

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